My name is Jevgenij Gamper


Senior Machine Learning Scientist

Cervest Ltd.

Oct. 2019

Liased with Google Startup Accelerator on behalf of science & engineering teams. Contributed to Series A science strategy deck. Lead research residency second cohort recruitment and organisation. Still building and deploying deep learning models for hyper-spectral imaging, weather prediction, time-series classification. Mentoring a research resident.

Machine Learning Scientist

Cervest Ltd.

Apr. 2019 - Oct. 2019

Co-designed and co-implemented research team processes & engineering practices, and substantially contributed to branding and investment story of the company. Built computer vision models for hyper-spectral image segmentation. Started a research residency program. Mentored two residents in areas of AI Ethics and Deep Generative Modeling that resulted in two NeurIPS 19 workshop papers.


PhD Machine Learning Applications

University of Warwick, UK

Semi-automatically created largest histology nuclei instance segmentation and classification dataset. Worked on deep multi-task learning, anomaly detection, generative models. Went to NeurIPS and ICLR and had a good time. Check out my Google Scholar.

MSc Applied Mathematics

University of Warwick, UK

Worked with Theo Damoulas and David Armstrong on fast methods for Exo-planet validation applied to Kepler satellite data (currently under review).

BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Finance

North Carolina, USA

Besides graduating with honors, as a team-captain lead NCAA swimming team to top GPA performance in USA. Founded a student lead investment fund, devised an insvestment strategy and organisational structure. Raised $40k for a student lead investment fund from Wells Fargo and University Trustees.